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Python Motorcycles - New look for F100

Hey guys!

George Vidovic here with one of the first of what will be a run of continuing blog posts from myself outlining the good the bad and downright crazy things happening here at Python HQ! I hope you enjoy keeping up to date with the madness!

The journey of our iconic F100 has been an ever changing and dynamic one and we really hope you have enjoyed it so far. We’ve had this cool cruiser as part of our mechanical family for over six years but you could definitely say that we have given her a major re-birth as of late. This has come in the form of a major makeover. I’m talking a fresh coat of mat black paint, heavy 60’s white metallic roof and spots of heavy metallic on the front grill and the petrol cap. She was looking amazing! But we couldn’t help but feel that she needed something else.... something a little more ‘python’.

We filled this gap with some brand new professional sign writing that was sexy enough to make Mick Jager jealous. The man behind the art was our very own wondering artist GQ designs (otherwise known as ‘Mr Brush’). Glen has a fabulous eye for 60’s font and design and did a fantastic job of rebranding the truck with new signage and we now have the pleasure of introducing generation two of our iconic F100: PYTHON MOTORCYCLES.

The driving force behind the decision to rebrand our truck from Python Choppers to motorcycles is to let you guys out there know that we are a shop of eclectic mechanical warriors that can tackle anything from a custom, one of a kind, out there chopper to a home made café racer or even a standard commuting flavour of the month vesper scooter. These are all two wheeled motorcycles and we specialise in them all! We refuse to be seen any further as ‘chopper fiends’ terrorising the streets, and embrace our new image as two wheel motorcycle enthusiasts!

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